Frühlingsbücher 6: Chloe Healy, TOR UK

Der letzte Beitrag in Sachen phantastischer Frühjahrsliteratur kommt von Chloe Healy, Sprecherin von TOR UK:

city-and-the-city-fc„Spring 2009 is a hugely exciting time for Tor UK. The team here is relatively new; Editorial, Marketing and Publicity changed hands in 2008. We’ve brought lots of new energy and ideas to the table and plans are coming to fruition. We’ve just announced a partnership with one of the leading UK SF magazines, SciFiNow, to find the next Tor author. We’ll be asking UK-based readers to submit a full synopsis and the first three chapters of their Science Fiction or Fantasy novel and the judging panel will announce the winner of a publishing contract with Tor in November.

In other news, six Tor authors were dominating the literature events programme at this year’s Sci-Fi-London festival (29 April – 4 May). China Miéville, Tony Ballantyne, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Liz Williams, Mark Charan Newton and Charles Stross all have been discussing their latest works alongside SF luminaries Stephen Hunt, Joe Abercrombie, Nick Harkaway and Stephen Deas. Look out for video footage of the events on and

We’re also celebrating John Scalzi’s Hugo award nomination for Zoe’s Tale and the acquisition of three more books in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s brilliant ‘Shadows of the Apt’ series.


Spring publishing highlights include the much anticipated new novel from China Miéville, The City & The City (May 2009). It’s a bold new direction for China; a speculative fantasy novel within the structure of a police procedural crime mystery. Early review coverage deems it ‘head and shoulders above most of its peers in the genre‘. It will doubtless be one of the very best speculative fiction titles of 2009’ Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.

June sees the publication of a stunning debut, Nights of Villjamur, from a promising name to watch in British fantasy: Mark Charan Newton. And in July we’ll be celebrating a new novel from Alan Campbell, God of Clocks, volume three of the Deepgate Codex.

Further treats to look forward to later in the year include new novels from Adrian Tchaikovsky, Neal Asher and Gary Gibson. You can keep up to date with goings in Spring and beyond at“


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