Frühlingsbücher 3: John DeNardo

n1275050202_84481Heute: John DeNardo, in seinen eigenen Worten „…one of the rabid cage-monkeys at SF Signal, a group blog that covers science fiction (and sometimes fantasy and horror) in all formats.  It’s a one-stop site for seeing what’s going on around the sf blogosphere, offering daily tidbits, book reviews, and a regular Mind Meld interview feature that provides a cross-section of viewpoints on a variety of genre-related topics.“

Seine Favoriten heißen:

The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia
It takes place in a bleak future where artificial organs are prohibitively expensive and people take out huge loans to pay for them. When they miss a payment, the Credit Union sends a Bio-repo Man after you to take back the merchandise, even it means leaving you with your insides spilling out. The narrator of the story is a Bio-repo Man, himself on the run.  Garcia’s stylish and fast-moving prose will hook you from the first page and take you for a ride.

The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko
The basis for this novel was a Hugo- and Nebula-nominated novella and the novel is equally enjoyable. It’s a compelling treatment of the Many Worlds theory in which the protagonist, John Rayburn, meets the John Rayburn from another universe. The story explores how one might profit from such technology. Melko’s ideas are the stuff of wonder and there’s never a moment where you don’t want to find out what happens next.

Three Unbroken by Chris Roberson
Roberson’s Celestial Empire stories and novels (of which this is the latest) are not to be missed. It posits an alternate future history in which Imperial China has become a superpower and wages war with their frequent enemy, the Mexic Dominion. Here, the battle is taken to the Red Planet (Mars) and follows three separate players of the Dragon Throne. Roberson’s story never once falters as it serves up a tasty combination of world building, military strategy and characterization.“


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