Frühlingsbücher 2: Jim C. Hines

jimUS-Autor Jim C. Hines (Die Goblins) hat in diesem Frühjahr drei sehr unterschiedliche Favoriten:

Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan. Set in the late 16th century, Midnight Never Come tells the tale of Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and Invidiana, faerie ruler of the Onyx Court below London. This is a book that invites you to slow down and savor, with rich worldbuilding and a story you can truly immerse yourself in.

Sly Mongoose by Tobias Buckell. Space zombies. Floating cities. And a kick-ass soldier leaping out of a spaceship and riding a heatshield down to the planet below, without a parachute. This is Buckell’s third novel, and his best so far. Plenty of action, fascinating cultures, and tension that holds you until the very last page then leaves you wanting more.

WebMage by Kelly McCullough. This is an older book I only recently picked up. It’s not deep, life-changing literature, but I loved it … not just because the main character, Ravirn, has a magical webgoblin named Melchior who changes into a laptop. (Though goblins do make everything better.) The book blends Greek mythology and modern-day computer hacking for a shamelessly fun ride.“


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